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Operating refineries that produce a wide range of refined petroleum products, including gasoline, diesel, jet fuel, asphalt, and

Comprehensive Refinery Services

Optimizing Operations, Enhancing Efficiency

FAO-ME Inc. is a global leader in providing comprehensive services to the oil refinery industry, specializing in post-construction commissioning and ongoing maintenance. Leveraging extensive industry expertise and cutting-edge engineering solutions, FAO-ME has established itself as a pioneer in delivering top-tier technology and quality, particularly in the realm of complex refinery projects.
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Our Expertise

Tailored Solutions for Your Needs

FAO-ME's refinery services encompass a wide range of critical areas, including:
Expertise in exploration, production and refinary

Post-Construction Commissioning

Ensuring the seamless transition of newly constructed refineries from the building phase to full operational status, meticulously verifying and optimizing all systems and processes.

Maintenance Services

Providing comprehensive maintenance solutions to ensure the continued safe, efficient, and reliable operation of refinery facilities, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity.

Advanced Engineering

Applying state-of-the-art engineering principles and technologies to address the unique challenges of modern refineries, optimizing processes, and enhancing overall performance.

Technological Innovation

Continuously developing and implementing innovative solutions to improve refinery operations, reduce environmental impact, and drive cost efficiencies.

Why Choose Our Refinery Services

Experience, Expertise, Excellence

With our strong industry experience and technical expertise, we are committed to delivering excellence in all our refinery services. We understand the complexities of the industry and provide services that not only meet but exceed expectations.

Client-Centric Focus

FAO-ME is dedicated to building long-term partnerships with its clients, providing tailored solutions to meet their specific needs and objectives. The company's commitment to excellence, innovation, and sustainability makes it a trusted partner in the global oil and gas industry.
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