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Michigan Oil

Michigan's Oil Production

A Rich History of Crude Oil and Natural Gas

A Rich History of Crude Oil and Natural Gas Michigan's Oil Production Michigan has been a significant contributor to the oil and gas industry, producing over 17.6 billion dollars of crude oil and natural gas since 1925. This production is continuously rising, generating over 40 million dollars annually in taxes and fees for Michigan and providing more than 10,000 industry-related jobs.

New Potential Prospects

Michigan Falcon American Oil had three huge potential oil prospects discoveries by utilizing unique advance technology, Passive Seismic Survey & Geochemical Soil Survey. The Oil Reserves estimates is over 100-million-barrel oil.

Economic Impact

Fueling Michigan's Economy

The oil and gas industry in Michigan is not just about production; it's a major economic powerhouse. Generating over 40 million dollars annually in taxes and fees, this industry plays a significant role in the state's fiscal structure. These revenues are vital for the funding of public services, infrastructure development, and various other state projects. The continuous growth of this sector promises a steady stream of income that bolsters Michigan's economy.
Expertise in exploration, production and refinary

Job Creation

Powering Employment in Michigan

The oil and gas industry in Michigan is a substantial source of employment, supporting a broad spectrum of roles.

Job Numbers

The industry provides more than 10,000 industry-related jobs.

Job Diversity

obs are not just limited to direct employment in extraction or refining processes.

Supporting Industries

The industry also supports indirect roles in supporting industries such as transportation and equipment manufacturing.

Economic Impact

The oil and gas sector plays a crucial part in maintaining the state's employment rate and contributes significantly to the livelihoods of its residents.

Contribution to Natural Resources Trust Fund

Investing in Michigan's Natural Beauty

Beyond the economic and employment benefits, the oil and gas industry in Michigan also contributes to preserving and enhancing the state's natural beauty. Since 1976, the industry has provided more than $550 million in revenues to the Michigan Natural Resources Trust Fund. This fund has been instrumental in purchasing and improving over 135,000 acres of Public Park and recreation lands. These contributions ensure that Michigan's stunning landscapes and recreational spaces are maintained and accessible for residents and visitors alike, thereby enriching the quality of life in Michigan.