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Falcon American Oil provides oil and gas drilling prospect generation, Pipeline, Refinery, Run Passive Seismic Surveys, management, project supervision, prospect evaluation, and risk assessment.

Oil, Gas, and Refinery Solutions


Leading the Way with Exceptional Oil, Gas, and Refinery Services

Regional Basin Studies

Extending the search for new potential reserves.
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Probability Analysis

Risk assessment and prospect prioritization.
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Satellite HC Imaging

Advanced imaging for hydrocarbon detection.
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Passive Seismic Technology

Reducing drilling risk and promoting cost-effective campaigns.
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Refinery Services

Efficient processing and transformation of crude oil.
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We have an interest in or operate Pipelines and Terminals.
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Technical Experiences

The Falcon American Oil technical staff has a long history of oil and gas experience alongside a consortium of partner companies. Any gas and oil exploration is a high risk, as there is currently no way to say with 90% certainty that there is oil within a certain section of land. Our staff is highly trained in advanced procedures to reduce this risk as much as possible.

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Falcon American Oil facilitates the development of quality Exploration, Field Development, Refinery, Pipelines & drilling projects throughout Africa, Middle East and the United States. We provide our investors with advanced technical services to find and develop oil and gas cost-effectively and efficiently.